Lirik Kerana Kau – Daiyan Trisha

Lirik Kerana Kau oleh Daiyan Trisha

Di saat ku menjadi pilihan
Kau menjadikan ku yang pertama
Di saat ku dalam kesedihan
Kau menyanyikan lagu irama
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Lirik Cheat – Daiyan Trisha

Lirik Cheat oleh Daiyan Trisha

Baby please come back
Come back on my door
I’m always here
I won’t hurt you anymore
No I didn’t mean to cheat
I lost myself completely

Come and get your stuff
They’re waiting for ya
It’s been a while
I’m looking for ya
I’m collecting the pieces of me
I regret what I did, you see
And it goes
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Lirik Enjoy Your Stay – Daiyan Trisha

Lirik Enjoy Your Stay oleh Daiyan Trisha

It’s Friday night
I know you’re excited to see me
I’m quite excited to see you too
Like magic you appear out of the blue
And surprisingly I have quite a heart for you

But behind this cheeky little smile that you love
A problem I don’t know if you can bare
Don’t say I don’t warn you baby
It’s time you know what you’re heading to
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