Lirik Blow Me A Kiss – Git Fresh

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Lirik Blow Me A Kiss oleh Git Fresh

Its like this, its like that
I got dough, I got stacks
I can buy anything that I need
But I gotta have you for free
I ain’t never paid for it in my life
So why the hell would I pay for a wife
I need love, yes I do but this is what I need from you (Ooh)

A brother needs love and affection, a brother needs TLC
And I ain’t talking about chili
But I’ll take chili if she don’t want it (Ooh)
A brother needs cooking and cleaning
And when she say she loves me she means it
Her insides pretty, hey hey (Oh)

[*] And if thats you, blow me a kiss
To let me know if you feeling me
You can do better then the scrub you with
Babygirl all that you gotta do is blow me a kiss
La da da da da da (3x)
Blow me a kiss
La da da da da da (2x)
Blow me a kiss

I’m ’bout this, I’m ’bout that
I have O’s, I spit stacks
I’ve had everything in my life but I’ma have you tonight
Yeah I’ma have you, you
I need love, yes indeed
But this is what you get from me (Ooh)

I’ma give you love in direction, you can be my PYT
I ain’t talking about Thriller
But I can be your thriller if you want it (Ooh)
I don’t need no cooking or cleaning
We can get a maid if we need it
Cause I’m on my (?), hey hey oh

Repeat [*]

Lirik Blow Me A Kiss – Git Fresh
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